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Becoming Sponsored by 190

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Becoming Sponsored by 190 Empty Becoming Sponsored by 190

Post  Ryan190 Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:29 pm

Hey everyone, as this Forum and Community grows we will be looking for more and more sponsored individuals to be at car meets and events. Since we are based out of BC the events a sponsored individual is expected to be at are both RevScene shows as well as any special meet in that persons local area. You will also be required to have either one 21 inch or two 8 inch decals on your car. You will also be expected to wear a piece of 190 motorsports branded clothing which will be sold at cost to you. A 190 sponsored individual will be able to participate in special group buys and be offered any sponsor brand related deal. You must also be involved in your own car build and expected to be respectful to everyone on the forum and at ANY car related event. Sponsored individuals found participating in ANY illegal events in the public eye will be revoked of sponsorship. What you do in your own time is up to you as we all enjoy having fun, that is the point of owning a car. As a person who owns a single turbo car that is clearly not made for the street I know all about having fun on the street, but when you representing us we would like to TRY to keep things legal. If you think you would like to be part of the 190 team then send either me an email at ryan@190motorsports.com or to Nic at nic@190motorsports.com.

And remember even if your not sponsored everyone is part of this community. Have fun and keep it on the road.

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