*UPDATED* New website will be up soon!

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 *UPDATED* New website will be up soon! Empty *UPDATED* New website will be up soon!

Post  Nic190Motorsports on Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:15 pm

We're live!!! www.190motorsports.com is now up and running.

You can all access our shop, blog and forum right from the home page!

As the title states, 190Motorsports admin team is currently working on a landing page, self titled 190Motorsports.com which will contain links to this forum, our blog, our store and our contact us.

We will keep everyone updated as to when the www.190motorsports.com link will be functional-- for now, please continue to access the forum via 190motorsports.canadian-forum.com

We appreciate everyones patience in figuring this whole thing out.


Nic Doucette


My Car:

2012 Honda Accord HFP

12000k HID Low beams
3000k HID Fog Lights
Takeda SRI
JDM Front, Back and Steering Wheel Emblems
Plastidip Roof and Rear Diffuser
Plastidip Interior Trim
LED License Plate Bulb
Honda Factory Performance Lip Kit
Honda Factory Performance Lowering Springs
Honda Factory Performance Strut Tower Brace
Honda Factory Performance 19" Wheels by Enkei
25mm Rear Spacer & 20mm Front Spacer (+30/+35 et)
+5 HP Decals


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