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Sub and Amp for sale Empty Sub and Amp for sale

Post  fadetoblack1985 on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:42 pm

So I have a Sub and Amp for sale, was only used about 6 months, or less then I bought my new car and never put it in so it's just past being broken in and is basically new...

So what's for sale?

1x 12" Focal-SUBP30DP (pronounced Fo-cal) performance series Sub in a side ported Bassworx street series box
1x Clarion XR2110 Mono Amp


Maximum Power Output : 420W
Power @ 4-Ohm : 300W x 1
Power @ 2-Ohm : 400W x 1
Number of Channels : MONO
MOS-FET Power Supply
2-Ohm Stereo Stable
2-Ohm Mono Stable
Selectable Bass Boost; 0/6/12dB @ 50Hz
Adjustable Low Pass Crossover @ 30-300Hz
Gold Plated Connectors; RCA/ Speaker/ Power
Speaker Level Input
Dimensions(W x H x D)(Inchs) : 11-7/8" x 2-1/4" x 11"

Price: Was asking $300 on Kijiji/Craigslist (worth double that) but didn't have any bites, could be because it's winter perhaps.
190motorsports members: make me a reasonable offer (PM of course) and we will see what we can do, I am willing to give our members a better deal then the general public, call it the perks of being a member.
Non 190motorsports members: have a friend interested in this? no problem, PM on their behalf and any reasonable offer will be considered.


Does the set up come with wiring?

No, it was all wired into the old car I sold so just the sub and amp, you will need your own wiring kit

Why are you selling it?

A couple reasons, 1, don't want to have to pay to install it into my WRX and to be honest it doesn't really fit into it without limiting my trunk space and I use my car for camping etc on a regular basis so don't want it in there. 2, I'd have to buy another deck probably and that's not in the cards.

Is there something wrong with it?

No, these are basically brand new and you are getting a smoking deal on them.


Are located in this little album, sorry for the quality, was taken with my phone. If you have a specific shot you are looking for let me know.


Sub and Amp for sale AkyiF4n

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