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Cards are done! Empty Cards are done!

Post  Nic190Motorsports on Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:24 pm

Alright guys thanks for the long drawn out wait... But I've finally (after technical difficulties) been able to get the cards printed out!

They're basic, just giving enough information for people to see it on their car and be like "hmmm wonder what this is about" and go check it out.

Anyways, here they are! I have 35 right now on hand but can obviously print more.

Please TEXT me or PM me your addresses and I'll make sure I get some out to you!

Those of you who are in Kamloops let me know when's good for you and we can meet up and exchange.

I've also got 6ish decals left that can go out as well for people to give to those who JOIN the board. Decals are not for anyone who is not active on here.

Cards are done! 44317_285140821615328_169037279_n


My Car:

2012 Honda Accord HFP

12000k HID Low beams
3000k HID Fog Lights
Takeda SRI
JDM Front, Back and Steering Wheel Emblems
Plastidip Roof and Rear Diffuser
Plastidip Interior Trim
LED License Plate Bulb
Honda Factory Performance Lip Kit
Honda Factory Performance Lowering Springs
Honda Factory Performance Strut Tower Brace
Honda Factory Performance 19" Wheels by Enkei
25mm Rear Spacer & 20mm Front Spacer (+30/+35 et)
+5 HP Decals

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